About Us

About Us

Tan Thuan Corporation

Ever since the adoption of economic reform policy by the Vietnamese Government in 1986, the direction of development has never changed. With stable political environment generating steady upward economic growth, enhanced by its ideal location, abundant natural resources and work force, and vibrant market growth, all these contribute to making Vietnam the most desirable investment country in the region.

Tan Thuan corporation – a joint venture between Tan Thuan Industrial Promotion Corporation(IPC) and Central Trading & Development Group(CT&D) – has chosen Ho Chi Minh City, the core of Vietnam’s economic development and center of Asia’s major cities, to develop the first and most successful export processing zone in Vietnam – Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone (TTZ) 

Ideal Location

TTZ is located in District 7, the southeast corner of Ho Chi Minh City’s current city center. It is on a peninsular surrounded by the Saigon River, with a total area of 300 hectares.

TTZ is only 4 kilometers, or 10 minute drive, from the current city center in District 1. There are four daily bus routes from District 1 to TTZ to serve TTZ employees, so investors can feel assured in employment of talented workforce, The Saigon South New City Center with comfortable living conditions is just 1.5kilometers south from TTZ. Thus, TTZ, with best location between the existing city center and new city center of HCMC, has significant economic potential.

TTZ is separated from Ho Chi Minh port area by just a 30-meter wide road, the investors there can save significantly on inland freight charges. In the mean time, they will not be affected by the dense population of HCM City and transport restrictions caused by traffic congestion during peak hours.

TTZ is located only 13 kilometers from Tan Son Nhat International Airport, the largest airport in Vietnam, which facilitates air cargo transportation.