Phu My Hung Holdings Group

Phu My Hung Holdings Group was established in 1989. During this period, Vietnam was confronted with the following problems: a lack of job opportunities, a scarcity in foreign exchange, inadequate technical know-how, serious power shortages, and crowded and archaic infrastructure.  The Vietnam leadership hoped that investors could assist them in finding a solution to these problems. To help tackle these problems, the PMH Holdings Group management team, with its foresight, flexible strategy making, and professional and astute business acumen, established the Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, Phu My Hung Corporation and Hiep Phuoc Power Company.


Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone

The Tan Thuan Corporation (TTC) was established to coordinate and promote the introduction of export-oriented light industries. The Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone (TTZ) is the first export processing zone in Vietnam and is situated near downtown Ho Chi Minh City. TTZ not only provides an ideal manufacturing environment, but also offers investors with world-class basic infrastructure and one-stop services.


Saigon South Urban Development Project

Southeastern Ho Chi Minh City has always been the most densely populated area in Vietnam.  Not only is it burdened with heavy traffic load, but basic infrastructure is old and severely inadequate.  The rapid economic development of Ho Chi Minh City in recent years has only aggravated the already existing problem.  Ho Chi Minh City's basic infrastructure is overtaxed and this will only impede the development of the city as a whole.  In response to the need for a new sustainable urban city, the Phu My Hung Corporation was established in 1993 to develop the Saigon South Urban Development Project and construct the the Nguyen Van Linh Parkway.


Hiep Phuoc Power Plant

The Hiep Phuoc Power Company was established in 1993 to ensure stable and adequate power supply in Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone and Saigon South Urban Development Project. Surplus power is sold the the regional power authority.