TTZ has an ideal and integrated master plan. Of the total 300 hectares of land, 195 hectares were planned for factory buildings; the remaining area is for facilities such as roads, water supply and sewer system, landscaping, and other facilities such as:


There are VNPT, Post and Telecommunication Company, and Viettel in TTZ to provide telephone lines and services for investors. In addition, HCMC East Telephone Company and FPT, the largest private IT Company in Vietnam, have developed a fiber optic cable system to provide high-speed line over the zone. Data Centers developed by FPT and VDC online, state-owned IT company, to provide TTZ investors with the datum management service are also existed. VNNIC, Vietnam Internet Network Information Center also sets up the Southern HQs to provide services in TTZ.


Vietcombank Bank Tan Thuan Branch and Indovina Bank, located right at the main entrance of TTZ, cater for investors’ deposits, loans, letter of credit application, etc. ATM services have also been provided for dealing with salary encashment.

Employee and Training and Recreation Center

The Employee Training and Recreation Center, located in the opposite side of TTC’s Administration Building, consists of recreational facilities such as swimming pool, tennis court, football court and other recreational facilities. In addition, there are classrooms for training courses in computer, languages, financial management, accounting, business management etc. in order to improve the education level of the employees and competitiveness of the companies in the zone.


TTZ Clinic supports the companies inside the zone in terms of health care and emergency treatment and physical examination.

Fire Fighting Station

It takes only 2 to 5 minutes for the brigades to be at site to deal with any fire emergency.

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Waste water from factories within the zone, after treated by each company, is collected into the waste water treatment plant through public pipelines for treatment before being discharged into the river or being recycled to water plant.

Warehousing and Transportation Center: Tan Thuan Corporation Warehousing and Transportation Center provides high quality services from quota application, customs clearances, transportation, loading and unloading, to all other warehousing services.

Bonded Warehouse: TTZ companies and suppliers outside the zone can utilize the bonded warehouse for storing their goods. 

Dormitory: TTZ Dormitory is built to provide suitable and convenient accommodation for TTZ employees. At full capacity, the Dormitory can accommodate up to 9,000 people.