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      Mr. Tsien Peng Lun and Lawrence S. Ting Memorial Fund

      Mr. Tsien Peng Lun was born in Jiansu Province (China) on June 16, 1925. He succeeded Mr. Lawrence S. Ting as Chairman of Central Trading & Development Group (CT & D). 20 years ago he and Mr. Lawrence S. Ting brought CT & D Group in Taiwan to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam to invest in the various social and economic development projects with national stature such as Tan Thuan Export Processing Zone, Hiep Phuoc Power Plant, Phu My Hung New Urban Area, etc. These projects have been appraised by the leaders of Vietnam central government and Ho Chi Minh City as highly beneficial to the society and economy, a breakthrough in concept, starting an FDI investment model, which placed investment in the local infrastructure in order to foster other production and business projects as they joined together to create the transformation of economic structure to the direction of modernization and industrialization for the whole locality or region.

      He passed away on April 15, 2006 at age of 81. He was a person full of knowledge of “Orient and Western, traditional and modern”. He graduated from Hu Jiang University in Shanghai and then studied the courses of Master degree and Doctorate in Universities of South California and Columbia (USA). He got married with Mrs. Liu Ping, who was a Master of Education in Michigan State University. They have four children: three daughters and a son. Mrs. Gayle Tsien, his third daughter, is now Vice Chairwoman of Phu My Hung JV Corporation and CT&D Group.

      In 1967 he started his own business and became a successful entrepreneur of car trade and textile business. In addition, he participated in education sector- acted as Chairman of Taipei American School for about ten years. He was Mr. Lawrence S. Ting‘s best friend and working partner with mutual trust. Although reaching his retirement, he was still busy in looking for investment opportunities for CT & D Group (at that time Mr. Lawrence S. Ting was its Chairman), and finally he and Mr. Lawrence S. Ting together chose Vietnam as the place CT&D would make all effort to invest. After 20 years of cultivation, what people can see is that Nha Be area in Ho Chi Minh City is blooming.

      In the whole process of investment in Vietnam by CT & D Group, there were his footprints on every investment project with great social economic achievements.

      According to the observation from the Taiwanese and Vietnamese friends and colleagues, while Mr. Lawrence S. Ting was dynamic, resourceful, full of willpower and creative, always had new ideas to overcome difficulties; Mr. Tsien was quiet, with his profound knowledge and experience also always had suitable solutions for any difficult situations to achieve the final target of a project. Therefore through their good coordination and cooperation, they could surpass any difficulty and ordeal for the projects and achieved today’s results.

      Also by his friends’ observation, Mr. Tsien was concerned very much about the social public health and medical care. When chatting with friends and colleagues, he always reminded everyone to take care of one’s health. Although he was not professional doctor, he had a lot of knowledge of medicine and preserving health. Everybody saw that although he was very old he was very healthy from his appearance. That was why his sudden death was unexpected to everybody. He passed away silently during his sleep on the day of family gathering in 2006, leaving behind the blooming business for the society and for his family, and everybody to miss him.

      In order to commemorate this entrepreneur with the love for the community, Lawrence S. Ting Memorial Fund has initiated public medical care projects naming in his name. This is also to remind all employees that they should take care of their health. Most importantly in our business, we should always be concerned about social public benefits, especially medical care for the poor and those who can not afford to take care of their own health. This is also one of the targets we should be concerned about in our investment projects.