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In the past 15 years, a group of pioneers have dedicated their lives and efforts to create today’s Phu My Hung New Urban Area from salted marshlands. Based on this solid foundation, more people are now continuing the development of Ho Chi Minh City toward the East Sea. 


- Mr. Lawrence S. Ting, Founder of CT&D and PMH


Phu My Hung Corporation (hereafter abbreviated to PMH) was licensed on May 19, 1993 in Vietnam. Two months later, PHM hosted an international urban design competition for a master plan of 3,300ha Saigon South Urban Development Project. The winners and creators of the award-winning Saigon South Master Plan were a team of respected architectural firms including Skidmore, Owings & Merrill (San Francisco) as Master Planner, Koetter Kim & Associates (Boston) as Master Plan advisor and New City Center detail designer and Kenzo Tange Associate (Tokyo) as Master Plan advisor and Site B, C, D detail designer.

master plan

PMH is in charge of five sites (A~E) of Saigon South Urban Development Project. Among them, the 409ha Phu My Hung New City Center in Saigon South, only several kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City center, is located in the most eastern of entire development area. After 22-years hard working and dedication, now the New City Center has been developed into the thriving city. 


Excellent Living Environment

Based on an award winning masterplan, the entire concept has been thought through, with foresight and sensitivity towards the future. The district is already home to thousands of middle to upper class Vietnamese, as well as many prominent business leaders. Phu My Hung New City Center has become one of the most desired living destinations for locals. Home ownership, already strong, is rapidly increasing. The district is also home to a large population of internationals, who can see the benefits of its open spaces and clean modern lifestyle, yet very close to the CBD.



In addition to 8.9sqm of green space per head, the provision of all levels of schools, world class hospitals, sports amenities and other services etc are within a walking distance. Besides, a sophisticated maintenance and management are imposed to assure an orderly and peaceful environment. The public spaces are well landscaped and maintained on a daily basis while city bus and private shuttle bus are at service. Civil water supply is ensured by two City’s water plants from District 2 and 6. Due to the ample and sufficient infrastructures and living facilities, Phu My Hung New City Center was awarded “The Model New City” by the Ministry of Construction, Vietnam, in 2008 to praise the great achievement of the development. 


A New Commercial Center of HCM City

The faithful execution of Saigon South Master Plan has made this southern region a modern and livable place. In addition, the planning of the International Commercial & Financial District in the New City Center is designed to meet the needs of growing business, expatriates and the burgeoning Vietnamese middleclass. The district’s propositions are:

100% foreign ownership—100% foreign invested projects are welcome and feasible, existing examples are Manulife (2007) and Unilever Homebase buildings (2008), Mercedes-Benz Car Showroom (2010), and so on.

One-stop licensing—The Management Authority of Southern Area Development (MASD) which is responsible for guiding all kinds of investment procedures in south Saigon area was established in 1997 and has simplified and accelerated the licensing approval process. 

Modern infrastructure—grid street system, ample parking spaces, stable water supply, reliable drainage and sewerage, advanced tele-infrastructure, and so on. 

No hidden cost—land is cleared and ready for construction. No extra waiting time and removing expense. 

Financing—clear land use right title facilitates the enforcement of mortgage.

Besides, different investment fashions are optional based on investors’ demands including built-to-suit building lease, short-term land lease, and long-term land lease. Success cases that have been granted the approval by authorities include Petroland’s and Vinamilk’s office towers and so on. To date, quite a few short and long-term commercial projects have been carried out by local and foreign firms.


The opening of the world class show facility, Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center or briefed as SECC, eventually comprised of four 10,000sqm exhibition halls, a 400-room 4-star hotel, a 600-room 5-star hotel, a 38-storey office tower and a convention center by phases, is bringing business activities and traffic to the New City Center by showcasing HCM City and Vietnam to the world and vice versa, forging another CBD in this new urban district.



 Crescent Location

This iconic development, set within the heart of Phu My Hung, will offer residents a lifestyle, unseen in Vietnam. Located on an attractive waterway, the Crescent will be a traffic free zone for walking and relaxing. Its open spaces and fresh air create a positive experience for both shoppers and retailers. 

The Crescent development is set around the gentle curve of a Saigon River tributary, forming the central hub of the entire Phu My Hung District. The Grand Crescent Walk follows this arch past large open public areas. 50 retail outlets, at street and second floor level, follow the arc of the riverside then leads onto a pedestrian-only Starlight Bridge over the river. It is 8.2 meters in width and 154 meters in length, embedding numbers LED lights powered by solar panels on one side of the bridge. While it creates the memorial experience through starry-sky-like feeling and colorful waterfall, the bridge makes the contribution in green ecology. 

  Starlight bridge

The Crescent Residence 1, 2 & 3, three low-rise blocks offering nearly 300 units of 1 to 3 bedroom serviced apartments and Crescent Plaza, a business center tower with views over the water offering 10,000sqm as a whole.



The Crescent Mall able to accommodate 200 retail units forms the cornerstone of the entire development. Particularly because of the waterside setting and the proximity to the CBD, this is the first and only retail lifestyle and entertainment destination in Vietnam. Its seven levels of shopping, dinning and entertainment will make the Crescent a destination for effortless shopping and enjoyment. 

Crescent mall Crescent mall

 The people of Vietnam have an enormous love of life and a hugely positive feeling towards the future. Vietnam has a large population of over 80 million people with 60 percent under the age of 35 years. These young consumers are very aware and attuned to the latest consumer trends. Optimism is a key characteristic of this dynamic nation. They are excited by Vietnam’s development and emergence onto the world stage. The Crescent reaffirms this excitement, not only as it is unique to Vietnam, but it represents the international lifestyle, so familiar to the rest of the world. Vietnam has finally arrived.



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