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City Characteristics

Phu My Hung has many parks and green space, taking 40.98% of total area. The spreading green plants make Phu My Hung a truly Garden City. The sidewalk adopts “breathable bricks” to let rain and water infiltrate the ground so the underground water can be recharging continuously.




Waterfront enjoyable by the public

Phu My Hung is surrounding by rivers so there is a great area of waterfront land. However, only 6.3% of waterfront land was used as residential area, and the rest 93.7% of land was opened to schools and public parks. So, all citizens can enjoy the beautiful riverside view.




Walkable neighborhoods

All communities are living cycles with walking distance, which align with the living style of Asian and the green purpose. Every community is 800 meters in diameter, so residents can reach schools, supermarkets, banks, hair salons, bookstores, and so on, in 10 to 15 minutes without driving for daily needs.







Unique buildings

Different projects were assigned to different designers, so every little community has its own characteristic. And meanwhile, the overall city balance is taken into account. The designers were asked to put the design idea of buildings nearby to let entire environment has the identical and similar style.