Management Team

Management Team


Central Trading & Development Group (CT&D) is a Taipei-based company formed by a group of international entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs have played a significant roles in the extraordinary economic transformation of Taiwan, and have demonstrated the ability to successfully anticipate and capitalize on the rapid changes in the Asian business world. The management team of CT & D Group possesses the necessary components for success–foresightedness, resourcefulness, perseverance and professional management.

Arthur Kwang-Hung Ting
Chairman, Central Trading & Development Corporation

Gayle S. Tsien
Vice Chairwoman, Central Trading & Development Corporation  

Frances Dah-Wen Ba
General Manager, Central Trading & Development Corporation, Vietnam Region

Marvin Tsao
President, Tan Thuan Corporation

Gary F. Tseng
President, Phu My Hung Corporation

Zhang Yin-Fu
President, Hiep Phuoc Power Company 
President, Sino Pacific Construction Corporation