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In the current integration trend, together with the admission to the World Trade Organization of Vietnam, realizing the importance of information technology (IT) in the development process of the country, Phu My Hung Corp. and the Lawrence S. Ting Memorial Fund had initiated the support for the Vietnam’s education sector through donating computer labs for 64 cities and provinces nationwide, aiming to help the education sector implement IT teaching in accordance with the curriculum set by the Ministry of Education and Training.

Encouraged and supported by the Ministry of Education and Training, in late July 2006, we began carrying out the computer lab donation program entitled “Moving forward with IT.” The target of the first phase of the program is to donate IT equipment for the Vietnam’s education sector, supplying 64 computer labs for 64 schools in 64 cities and provinces countrywide. Each computer lab is fitted with 20-25 personal computers, one server, one printer, one projector, one screen, one voltage stabilizer, networking equipment, and copyright Microsoft software. The donation of the computer labs is aimed to facilitate IT teaching and learning at the schools in line with the Ministry of Education and Training’s curriculum. The program has been carried out by the Lawrence S. Ting Memorial Fund with all expenses being sponsored by Phu My Hung Corp. 

The project is a meaningful and practical assistance for the education sector. It was also the will of Mr. Lawrence S. Ting, late board chairman of CT&D Corp. and Phu My Hung Corp., who always wished to lend a helping hand to the sector in training talents for Vietnam. Through this program, we hope that everyone will be aware of the vital importance of IT for the society in general and the education sector in particular to speed up the country’s integration into the region and the world. 

Thanks to the support of the leaders of the Ministry of Education and Training, who wished to supply IT equipment for schools sooner, we were determined to complete the first phase of the “Moving forward with IT” program within just one year so that these computer labs would be put into use right at the beginning of the new school year. We had managed to overcome difficulties and long distances to carry out our survey trips to cities and provinces nationwide. 

Carrying out the “Moving forward with IT” program, the Lawrence S. Ting Memorial Fund and Phu My Hung Corp. hope to help teachers and students have means to facilitate IT teaching and learning. With Internet-access PCs, teachers and students will be able to materialize the curriculum set by the Ministry of Education and Training, update necessary information and improve teaching and learning quality. 

Through this program, we hope to create a model for socialization of the education sector, so that more and more businesses and members of the community will follow and take part in similar programs with a bigger and bigger scale. This is also a practical contribution to the socialization of education in line with the Government’s policies.

We hope that teachers and students at the recipient schools would: “Try hard in teaching and learning, maximize the effective use of the computer labs as this is a long-term sponsorship program. If the first phase of the program brings in good results, we will continue our sponsorship for the second phase for those schools using the computer labs effectively.”

1) 64 schools from Stage 1 of “Moving forward with IT” Program received an additional IT equipment package of
- 01 laptop
- 01 projector (& projector screen) 

Total value: USD 144,842

2) 47 new computer rooms (with total of 1091 PCs) have been installed in 41 selected cities / provinces nationwide to timely put into use for the academic year 2008 – 2009. A computer room includes:
- 20 - 30 PCs
- 01 server
- Network equipment
- 01 projector
- 01 printer
- 01 voltage stabilizer
- Microsoft licensed software (OS & Office)

Of the 47 schools that received computer rooms in Stage 2, 23 were already received one computer room in Stage 1 and 24 new schools.

Total value: USD 761,900.38