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Architecture Design

Sustainably designed buildings aim to lessen their impact on our environment through energy and resource efficiency. Therefore, in pursuit of our slogan – Design for life, SPCC Design has been always trying to apply international standards and our own good knowledge of local conditions to the built environment, not only for feasibility but also convenience and economic effect during life-cycle of projects.

SPCC architecture team, a collection of local skillful and experienced architects, has been continually improved in both quality and quantity with extensive support from foreign experts from China, Italy and Australia... We are willing to provide architectural services for infrastructure, sports, cultural, mixed-use, residential, commercial, healthcare, retail and educational facilities

Planning & Landscape

When we are creating a landscape design, what we always consider is ecological processes interacting within urban areas, and between these areas and the surrounding natural systems which support them.
 It must also express the delicate balance among function, style, climate, location, culture and budget.
Design for life is the major concept of our planning and landscape design to create the most convenient living environment for users.

Interior Design

Interior design concerns itself with more than just the visual of an interior space; it has to optimize uses, be friendly to maintain and enhance convenience, health, safety for users.
From this viewpoint, SPCC Interiors offers a comprehensive range of design services, from the inception to the completion such as space analysis, space planning, interior design, concept design, refurbishment and bespoke furniture design and new build installation design.
What is more, it is essential for an interior design to complement the exterior architecture; therefore, our interior professionals work closely with architectural and engineering staff from a project’s inception satisfying the aesthetics, the quality and a supreme comfort.

Structure Design

Whether it is a residential, commercial or industrial building, its structure must be the first thing to be considered and, therefore, must satisfy given design criteria to ensure safety and sustainability.
From this understanding, we strive for the best possible combination of form, functionality, reliable cost and safety.
With more 10 years experience in designing structures for most of the buildings of new urban area in Phu My Hung, our team of 20 Chinese and Vietnamese engineers work with Vietnam code and international codes such as China code, Singapore code to ensure the values above.

M&E Design

 M&E team of Design Department including plumbing design, electrical design, ventilation and air-condition design have had many years of experience in Vietnam.
In our overall M&E design services, SPCC pay attention on water and power resource efficiency, strictly comply with international regulations, apply latest technologies regulations as well as initiate design with state-of-the-art to maximize efficiency and long-term benefits.