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Business Scope
SPCC Road & Bridge specializes in design and construction of road and bridge works. We also have carried out some special Project such as bridge Lowering, Water Dam, Basement, and Bored Pile & Diaphragm Wall and so on.

With more than 10 experienced overseas specialists and over 40 highly educated and qualified local staffs, we also partners with CSCEC, the biggest Construction Company in China, and Guokang Company in Shanghai China, a Design Company based upon the Famous University – Tongji University.

Typical Project
Nguyen Van Linh Parkway which includes 40 bridges totally, the Starlight Bridge, the Dong Dien Bridge and etc. in Vietnam, and also built the New Monivong Bridge and the Monivong Flyover in Cambodia. Among these projects, there are 7 special bridges with large-span concrete-filled steel tube arch bridge, which was introduced into Vietnam first time.

We always endeavor in researching and applying new construction technologies in order to achieve maximum quality and efficiency in whatever projects we undertake. Many new technologies, such as Less Supporting Installation Technology for Large-span Steel Tube Arch Bridge, Application and Construction Technology of Bridge Deck Suspension System, Technology of Large-tonnage Structure Hoisting and Installation, Self-balanced Method Technology for Pile Test and etc., were First time introduced and applied into the above mentioned projects in Vietnam. As a testament to our continuing commitment to quality and applying new technologies, there are 7 bridges completed by us receiving national recognition with Certificates of High Quality from Vietnam’s Ministry of Construction.

SPCC Road & Bridge integrates cooperation and expert advice from all professional partners, and recognize that this is a powerful formula for success.



1.Road & Bridge Projects

2. Foundation Works
  • Bored Piles of Nguyen Van Linh Parkway
  • Bored Piles of Dong Dien Bridge
  • Bored Piles & Diaphragm Wall of Crescent Mall
  • Bored Piles of New Monivong Flyover (Cambodia)
  • Spun Piles of Monivong Flyover (Cambodia)
  • Precast Piles of Elite Town (Cambodia)
3. Other Special Works
  • CFST Arch Bridge
  • Pile Test by O-cell Method
  • Descending of Ba Lon Bridge
  • Crescent Water Retaining Dam
  • Basement of Crescent Mall
  • Steel Lifting Caisson of New Monivong Bridge (Cambodia)


Consulting Service

1. Investment Analysis

    Ring Road No.2 of Ho Chi Minh City
    North-South Highway of Ho Chi Minh City

2. Road & Bridge Design

    Nguyen Van Linh Parkway
    Ca Cam II Bridge
    New Monivong Bridge (Cambodia)
    Monivong Flyover (Cambodia)
    Pet Lok Song Flyover (Cambodia)
3. Project Management
    Twin Dragon Bridge (Cambodia)
    Diamond Island Embankment (Cambodia)